August 2019 Monthly Rundown

Welcome to Gluten-Free Lifestyle Blog’s first monthly rundown! At the end of each month, I’m going to rundown my gluten-free favorites and fails, what recipes I’ve made, and any restaurants I’ve been to.

My favorite recipe of the month is my Apple Cider Donut recipe, try it, you won’t be disappointed! I also created a post on frozen gluten-free pizzas because as I’m learning, they don’t all taste great.

The month of August has been particularly exciting for me because I’ve reintroduced dairy and egg into my diet for the first time in a year and a half. Being able to eat egg and dairy has opened up a whole new world for me of products to try.

August 2019 Gluten-Free Favorites

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

Honestly, this is my gluten-free favorite item of the year. I got a few samples of these at the Gluten-Free New England Expo earlier in the spring, tried them, and fell in love. This single serve microwavable cookie only needs one tablespoon of water and 30 seconds in the microwave. I like to top mine with ice cream, extra chocolate chips, or add a dollop of peanut butter before microwaving.

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Single Serve Super Fudge Brownie Mix

After I tried the chocolate chip cookie and loved it, I had to order the Fudge Brownie.

Fudge Striped Goodie Girl Cookies

These taste exactly like Elmer’s Fudge Striped cookies and I’m here for it.

Chocolate Creme Goodie Girl Cookies

This is the cookie that has most resembled a gluten-free oreo for me.

Birthday Cake Goodie Girl Cookies

My FAVORITE Goodie Girl cookie flavor, by far, is birthday cake. If you are only going to get one flavor, try this one!

August 2019 Gluten-Free Fails

I try a lot of gluten-free products and recipes and not all of them are great. These are my unfiltered opinions.

Against the Grain Gluten-Free Cheese Pizza

The crust tasted like stale cheese-its and was not a good time (here’s a list of the best frozen gluten-free pizzas).

Udi’s Salted Caramel Cashew Cookies

The box makes these cookies look large and delicious but they were just crumbly and disappointing instead.

Mint Slims Goodie Girl Cookies

I really thought this were going to taste like Thin Mints but they tasted like fake mint instead and I was very dissapointed.

Schar Gluten-Free Sch’nacks

These taste like saw dust covered in chocolate.

My Dad’s Cookies Gluten-Free 20 Count Assortment

I had really high expectations as they looked good and like italian cookies but they are tasted the same and some were even too hard to ear. For $10 for 20 cookies, I would rather buy a good boxed gluten-free cookie.

Simple Mills Chocolate Muffin and Cake Mix

After trying the vanilla mix and loving it, I thought I would love the chocolate mix too. Wrong. I followed the directions to make cupcakes and topped them with Simple Mills vanilla icing. The chocolate cupcake was salty and bitter. I would recommend the vanilla mix instead.

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