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Monthly Rundown

September 2019 Monthly Rundown

I baked a LOT in September! Some was good, some was really bad (see below) The best recipe of September 2019 was my incredible gluten-free vegan apple crisp recipe. If you read last month’s rundown, you would know I reintroduced dairy into my diet. That didn’t go well, so i’m back to non-dairy. I also […]

Monthly Rundown, Reviews

August 2019 Monthly Rundown

Welcome to Gluten-Free Lifestyle Blog’s first monthly rundown! At the end of each month, I’m going to rundown my gluten-free favorites and fails, what recipes I’ve made, and any restaurants I’ve been to. My favorite recipe of the month is my Apple Cider Donut recipe, try it, you won’t be disappointed! I also created a […]