Gluten Free household items

Gluten-Free Household Items 2019

When talking about gluten-free household items, it is important to remember that if you have celiac disease, you must actually ingest gluten for it to trigger the autoimmune reaction. If you have gluten a sensitivity, wheat allergy, or just want to avoid wheat, barley and rye, you may want to consider gluten-free household items.

Gluten-Free Household Items FAQ

Why are gluten-free household items necessary?

Did you know that gluten could be hiding in your hand soap and laundry detergent? When I first went gluten-free I certainly didn’t know!
In addition to replacing hand wash, laundry detergents, and household cleaners with gluten-free household items, check out this article about more surprising products that contain gluten.

What Household Brands are gluten-Free?

See below for a list of gluten-free household brands.

What household products contain gluten?

Any household item could contain gluten! Dish soap, hand soap, glass cleaner, etc. It is very important to read all labels before using products that you could unintentionally ingest gluten.

How do I clean surfaces and utensils that had gluten on them?

For cleaning and sanitizing equipment, utensils and cleaning surfaces, it is best to follow the below steps:
– Use a dry paper towel or towel to remove all crumbs pieces of food residue before cleaning.
– Use a sponge or damp towel and wash surface thoroughly with warm, soapy water (make sure the soap you’re using is gluten-free)
– Rinse
– Where possible, sanitize by running through the dishwasher.
– Let air dry or wipe with a clean towel that hasn’t come into contact with gluten.

Brands that Sell Gluten-Free Household Items

Dr. Bronner’s


My favorite brand for gluten-free household items!

Molly’s Suds

Mrs. Meyer’s

Seventh Generation


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